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Des Moines’ Top Beauty and Wellness FAQs

Learn more about the beauty and wellness treatments we offer at our luxury day spa. Don’t see your question below? Reach out to the Hush team for answers—we’re happy to help!

How do I know what treatment is right for me?
It’s best to schedule a consult with an esthetician first! Before the visit, consider specific targeted concerns, a beauty budget for treatments and products, & what kind of maintenance you’re willing to do. This will help your esthetician guide you along the best path that fits ALL your needs.
How often should I be getting facials?
For your best results, we recommend getting a facial every 4 to 6 weeks. This will provide steady, progressive results that target the underlying needs of your skin to achieve the outcomes you’re looking for.
Why do I need good home skin care products?
Everyone should be using a customized regimen that is relevant to their skin concerns. Using the products your esthetician recommends will maintain the best results from the treatment room! It’s like brushing your teeth twice a day and seeing the dentist every 6 months. You do the daily work, we take care of the dirty work!
What’s the reasoning for a waxing maintenance schedule?
It is best to continue waxing every 4 to 6 weeks. The main purpose of waxing is to ultimately “beat” the race against our hair growth cycle. So not only is the hair coming in thinner from being removed at the follicle, but with the consistency in your maintenance, the hair is not going to come in so full or with as many follicles at once! This improves your overall results in the long run.
How do I style my brows?
You can best style your brows by starting with overgrowth maintenance, using waxing or tweezing, and lamination. Brushing your brows upwards about 45° towards your natural arch is often the most appealing. To ensure your brows stay in place all day, you can use your choice of clear or tinted brow gel. Visit Hush to enjoy expert brow treatments and get the products you need to start your brow grooming journey on the right foot.
What is brow lamination?
A brow lamination is a perming or chemical process to soften the structure of the physical hair to allow for easier shaping and styling.
What is a brow tint?
Brow tinting is a very similar process to the coloring of our hair. Typically, the proper shade is combined with an oxidative solution to develop the color while opening the cuticle of the hair for absorption. It can be used to help match or contrast brow hairs to your hair color, complexion, and other features.
What is a lash tint?
A lash tint is a physical way to color the hair of your eyelashes. It can create a mascara effect and help enhance the eyes!
What is a lash lift?
A lash lift is a great way to help give the lashes a natural and lasting curl. This process includes gluing the lashes onto a silicone shield for the desired curl shape and chemically changing the structure of the lashes. It is usually paired with a tint to darken the lashes for a mascara look. Results last up to 6 weeks. To enhance your lash volume and density, we recommend lash lifts every 5 weeks!
Will a chemical peel make me look red and scaly?
At Hush, you don’t need to worry about a crazy, intense red aftermath or appearing scabbed post-peel. We can comfortably say that all of our peels are treatment-room safe and allow minimal to moderate flaking/dryness, around 7-10 days at the very most. A slight flush to the skin may occur, as the peel causes increased blood flow to the face (yay, boosted circulation benefits!), but it shouldn’t last longer than 8-12 hours!
What is the purpose of chemical peels?
Chemical peels are a fantastic way to further customize your treatments and benefit your skin care concerns specific to you! Using active acids helps regenerate new skin, tighten fine lines and wrinkles, minimize acne scarring, treat acne, boost oil control, and even address rosacea.
What is microchanneling?
Microchanneling is a great way to help boost your own collagen and elastin production to rebuild fine lines, reduce acne scars, and keep you looking youthful! It uses a specific stamping technique on the skin with a small head of tiny needles. This creates tiny “microchannels” in the skin to then be nourished with a hyaluronic acid and stem cell serum to help boost your cell production. This is followed by the Procell sheet mask for extra moisture, and each client leaves their appointment equipped with proper home care!
What’s the difference between dermaplaning and microdermabrasion?
Dermaplaning is an exfoliation where any facial hair is removed along with dead skin cells off the surface of the skin. It’s a great way to ensure an instant glow! Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation with a fine, diamond-grit tip attached to a suction hose that gently buffs off the top layer of dead skin while sucking it into the machine and off your face! This helps with radiance and softness.
Will my hair grow back darker after dermaplaning?
Because the hair is only being removed and the chemical hormone structure of the hair is not being altered by your esthetician, the hair should not grow back darker than its original state. There are occurrences of natural, internal hormonal changes that can cause the thickening and darkening of facial hair for certain women.
Find the Right Treatments for You!

Find the Right Treatments for You!

At Hush, we pride ourselves on providing customized services for the unique needs and beauty goals of every client. Our team is happy to discuss the beauty services you’re interested in to determine the solutions that would work best for you. Book a consultation today to get started and experience relaxing, rejuvenating spa treatments like never before.

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