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Jet Plasma Pen
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Tighten and Smooth

Rejuvenating Jet Plasma in Des Moines

Jet Plasma is an innovative collagen induction therapy used to brighten and tighten the skin, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, treat acne, reduce pores, decrease scarring, and so much more. It offers a non-surgical option for addressing sagging skin and creating a rejuvenated appearance. From addressing sun damage and hyperpigmentation to increasing product absorption, Jet Plasma is a cutting-edge therapy that produces exceptional results. This quick, needle-free procedure helps clients see increased collagen production and younger-looking skin from the first session.

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How Jet Plasma Works

Jet Plasma technology works by improving the skin from within. The Jet Plasma Pen device is a piece of handheld equipment. It safely and powerfully stimulates multiple layers of skin tissue with 13,000 volts of plasma, activating natural collagen and elastin production. This may sound intense, but it is a non-invasive, low-pain to no-pain procedure that doesn’t involve needles and has limited downtime, making it a great alternative to other treatment options. 

Some clients report a slight sensation of heat during the session, but this will end once the treatment is over. We can also use numbing creams as necessary, and the beautiful results clients enjoy from Jet Plasma therapy make any temporary, mild discomfort well worth it! See healthier, more radiant, younger-looking skin with the help of precise Jet Plasma treatments.

Jet Plasma Benefits

  • Tighten sagging skin
  • Minimize wrinkles
  • Decrease hyperpigmentation
  • Diminish acne scarring
  • Reduce stretch marks
  • Improve product absorption
  • Address keratosis and eczema
  • Support treatment of rosacea
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Jet Plasma Pen FAQs

What is cold plasma?

Cold plasma is sometimes called the fourth state of matter, and it is a special state of ionized gas that exists at reduced pressure. It’s made up of ions, electrons, ultraviolet light, and other reactive neutrals. Studies have shown that cold plasma is skin-safe and non-irritating. 

Other plasma treatments are known to cause signs of surface trauma, such as small brown dots. Jet Plasma’s handheld pen device works at a cooler atmospheric temperature and produces a continuous flow of plasma, protecting the skin from this damage and producing better outcomes.

How often should I get Jet Plasma treatments?
Recommended treatment schedules vary from person to person, but we often suggest 3 to 8 sessions weekly over the course of several weeks.
What aftercare instructions are needed for Jet Plasma treatments?

Your esthetician will provide you with a thorough list of aftercare treatment instructions, some of which include: 

  • Not applying anything to your face for 12 hours after treatment
  • No exertion or intense exercise for 12 hours post-treatment
  • Stay hydrated before and after your appointment
Is there anyone who shouldn’t get Jet Plasma treatments?

We do not recommend Jet Plasma treatments for individuals who meet any of the following criteria: 

  • Are pregnant
  • Have epilepsy
  • Have cancer or inflammatory conditions
  • Have a pacemaker or metal implants

Please talk to your healthcare provider if you have concerns about how this treatment might affect you.

Unlock Remarkable Transformations

Unlock Remarkable Transformations

At Hush, we pride ourselves on offering revolutionary treatments that deliver incredible results. Find solutions to the chronic issues standing between you and your beauty goals with the support and expertise of our estheticians. We’re ready to help you start looking and feeling like your very best self.

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