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Lash Treatments
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Define, Shine, Lengthen, & Curl

Lash Lift & Lash Tint for Bold Eyes in Des Moines

There are some days where your mascara and lash curler just don’t feel like enough to give you the bold, dramatic lashes you’re after. And there are other days when they feel like way too much in terms of work and effort. With lash lift and lash tint services from Hush, you can achieve the stunning look you’re after without the work of curling, crimping, painting, and washing. Our lash services enhance your own natural lashes for maintenance-free, long-lasting, healthy volume!

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How Lash Lifts & Lash Tint Work

A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that combines a lifting lotion and silicone rods or pads to lift your lashes. The system is designed to give your natural lashes definition, length, and curl without the need for artificial eyelash extensions. A lash tint gives them shine and deep, long-lasting color that can quickly and easily replace messy, clumpy mascara.

At Hush, we highly recommend getting these two treatments together for perfectly curled, perfectly hued lashes that last for 6 to 8 weeks on average (and possibly longer!). Naturally achieve a full look and a certain “star quality” while framing your gorgeous eyes the way they deserve at Hush!

Benefits of Lash Lift & Tint at Hush

  • Long-lasting lift & curl
  • Fuller-looking lashes
  • Virtually no aftercare required
  • Darker, more impactful lashes
  • Natural alternative to extensions
  • Nourish & repair eyelash fibers
  • Low-maintenance
  • Dramatic volume & shine
Eyelash Tinting & Lash Lift | Des Moines, IA | Hush  - Eyelashes-1
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Lash Tint & Lift FAQs

Do lash lifts damage your lashes?
No. The idea that lash lifts damage your eyelashes probably comes from clients’ bad experiences with low-quality formulas or unskilled technicians. At Hush, our licensed estheticians have been specially trained on the Elleebana Lash Lift system. We’re all committed to providing our clients with only the safest, most effective beauty services available!
Is a lash tint worth it?
We absolutely think so, especially in combination with a lash lift. Lash tint is ideal for those who want darker, longer, maintenance-free lashes. Plus, the sessions are quick and affordable, so if you’re not sure whether it’s for you, you don’t have to make a big commitment to try it out! If mascara irritates your eyes, or is simply inconvenient to apply, keep fresh, and wash off, consider taking that time back for yourself with an eyelash tint from Hush!
What should I know about lash lift aftercare?

Lash lifts are super convenient and low-maintenance. Because we’re enhancing your natural lashes, you don’t have to worry about the same things as you would with extensions, like rubbing your eyes, going swimming, or wearing mascara (though many clients don’t feel a need to wear mascara after this!).

There are just a few aftercare instructions to start with:

  • Keep your eyelashes dry for 24 hours
  • No swimming, saunas, or steam for 24 hours
  • Avoid eye makeup for 24 hours
  • Always avoid waterproof mascara, which is much harsher on your lashes

That’s it! You won’t have to book another appointment for another 6 to 12 weeks!

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Make Those Peepers Pop

Make Those Peepers Pop

Ditch the DIY lash curler and embrace luscious lashes with just one 30- to 45-minute professional treatment at Hush. Your perfect curl will stay intact even after a shower or a day on the beach. If you’re looking for the ultimate low-maintenance, low-commitment beauty upgrade that will give your eyes that va-va-voom look, book your Lash Lift & Tint with our specialists today!

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