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Brow Services
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 Be Bold, Be Expressive

Enhance the Eyes with Eyebrow Tinting in Des Moines

Perfectly crafted brows are a major confidence boost. Freshly waxed, powerfully tinted, and naturally thick, excellent eyebrows can make any day feel like a win. Whether you’re looking for brow-boosting serums, eyebrow wax to add shape and contour, or an eyebrow tint to add drama and intrigue to your expression, the team at Hush is here to make you feel beautiful.

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Our Brow Services

At Hush, we’re all about the brows! Our brow tinting services are designed to give you long-lasting shape, color, and contour without having to spend hours in front of the mirror with gels, pencils, powders, and tweezers. Not only does this service add color to your brows—our skilled estheticians know how to apply the tint to give you impeccable shape, fill in thin spaces, and ultimately leave you with Instagram-ready eyebrows for 4 to 6 weeks.

We’re also happy to recommend eyebrow serums and aftercare instructions for maximizing your eyebrow health and the tint’s maintenance. For a full eye transformation, we even offer lash lifts and tints. Whatever your goals are, we’re here to help you realize them.

Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting at Hush

  • Save time on your makeup routine
  • Align with hair color & skin tone
  • Enhance your face shape
  • Pain-free alternative to brow-shaping
  • Clean, natural, professional look
  • Fuller-looking brows
  • More youthful appearance
  • Symmetrical & smudge-proof
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Eyebrow Tint FAQs

How long does an eyebrow tint last?
Eyebrow tints produce natural-looking results that can last for 4 to 6 weeks. Before you head out after your first treatment, your esthetician will discuss a few things you can do to help maximize the length of time your tint lasts.
What happens during eyebrow tinting?
During an eyebrow tinting session, your esthetician will clean and prepare your eyebrow area. Then, they carefully apply a specially formulated, semi-permanent dye to your eyebrows, mixed specifically to match your desired color. Then, after 10-15 minutes (depending on how deep & intense your color needs to be), they’ll clean away the dye. That’s it!
How much does eyebrow tinting cost?
At Hush, our eyebrow tinting services are $20. Free your morning routine from the aggravation of filling in your brows and let our skilled estheticians craft a look that will last for weeks!

Get Brows that Wow

Crafting the perfect brow takes a skilled hand and an esthetician who will listen to exactly what results you desire. Our team loves making clients feel beautiful, and we’ll use the latest techniques and products to ensure you love your look. Achieve true facial artistry with tinting services, waxing, product recommendations, and other beauty services from Hush!

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