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SolaJetĀ® Massage Bed
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Touchless Technology

Bringing the Power of the SolaJet® Hydro Massage Bed to Des Moines

Enjoy the convenience and therapeutic benefits of touchless massage when you indulge in a SolaJet massage. This massage bed makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy in the middle of your busy day or without the hassle of trying to book with a massage therapist. Whether sensory issues or personal discomfort with relying on another person for massage have held you back up to now, the SolaJet massage bed offers a powerful alternative. Open up a world of relaxation for yourself and enjoy the healing and relaxation that come with a self-guided massage therapy session.

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How SolaJet® Dry Hydrotherapy Works

Introducing the SolaJet Dry-Hydrotherapy System, an innovative solution to address modern health and wellness needs. Clients lie back on the massage bed and enjoy customized settings of powerful water jets without having to dress down or get wet. These water jets deliver Endo-Kinetic™ therapy throughout their entire body, which can be focused on specific areas for targeted relief. 

These Endo-Kinetic™ therapies promote relaxation and encourage natural benefits in the body through deep compression, sequential force, vibration, and thermal energy. Clients are able to relieve muscle tension, promote circulation and lymphatic drainage, stimulate natural healing processes, and much more. Hydro massage is a fantastic, self-guided solution to many ailments and can be used as a post-workout treatment, a way to prepare for chiropractic work or other spa treatments, and as an alternative to traditional massage therapy.

Benefits of Drywave Touchless Massage

  • No need for a massage therapist
  • Enjoy water therapy without getting wet
  • Gently, naturally stretches the body
  • Highly hygienic 
  • Quiet system for greater relaxation
  • Deep compression
  • Tension-relieving vibration
  • Thermal therapy
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SolaJet® Massage FAQs

What is dry-hydrotherapy?

Dry-hydrotherapy uses pressure- and temperature-controlled water in a self-contained device, such as a table or chair, to create a massage experience. It is also referred to as hydro massage, aquamassage, or water massage, but don’t let the name fool you—water won’t touch your skin or clothes during this treatment. All the water is completely contained under the surface of the device. 

The SolaJet dry-hydrotherapy system offers the opportunity to recline on a bed and feel the water jets gently impact your body, providing a deeply relaxing and soothing massage. This form of therapy has been found effective in alleviating muscle tension, reducing muscle pain, promoting lymphatic support, and offering other therapeutic benefits.

How often can I use the SolaJet and see benefits?
The answer to this will depend on your own health and comfort levels. For some, using a massage bed daily may bring significant benefits, whereas others may find once or twice a week sufficient. To determine your needs, speak with your healthcare provider, or reach out to Hush to speak with one of our licensed massage therapists.
How does the SolaJet compare to other massage modalities?
SolaJet sessions offer a unique, water-powered, dry experience where clients can remain fully clothed. What makes it exceptional is that it doesn’t require skin-to-skin contact from a massage therapist and that it encompasses four distinct therapies within a single treatment: deep compression, sequential force, vibration, and thermal energy. Many individuals consider SolaJet to provide the ultimate overall experience as it combines a wide range of pressure options with minimal sound disruption from the system.
Supportive Services to Meet Your Wellness Needs

Supportive Services to Meet Your Wellness Needs

Hush is proud to offer a variety of services that accommodate a unique range of beauty and wellness needs. Discover therapeutic solutions that boost your mood, address the root causes of daily concerns, and support your greatest sense of self. Contact Hush today to book the right appointment for you!

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