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Zerobody Cryo Bed
Zerobody Cryo Bed and Cold Therapy in Des Moines, IA | HUSH - facials-1

Coming in the Fall 2024 - Soothing Relief and Recovery

Zerobody Cryo Bed and Cold Therapy in Des Moines

Cold therapy is gaining immense popularity as a wellness and beauty treatment, but when you don’t have an ice-plunge built into your bedroom, you can indulge and renew yourself at Hush! Combining the benefits of cold therapy and floatation therapy, the Zerobody Cryo Bed is a revolutionary system that keeps clients totally dry as they relax on a durable, comfortable water membrane. This treatment stimulates your natural systems, including healing abilities, sleep cycles, cognitive function, and sports recovery. From the intense needs of athletes, to the everyday aches and pains of working men and women, this system is designed to provide relief.

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Zerobody Cryo Bed and Cold Therapy in Des Moines, IA | HUSH - facials-2

How the Zerobody Cryo Bed Works

This brand new, state-of-the-art technology is a unique and powerful way for your body to relax and recover. With safe, dual-flap membrane technology, the Zerobody Cryo system functions through a balance of liquid nitrogen and cold water, designed for versatility and comfort. 

The session starts when you lay on the bed and allow your body to be cradled in the water membrane. You’ll stay dry but enjoy a sense of weightlessness and experience the amazing benefits of cryotherapy, such as reduced inflammation, decreased stress, and effective muscle recovery. Our bodies respond uniquely to sensations of cold, as anyone who has used an ice pack to treat a headache, anxiety, or a sore joint will tell you. Gradual, full-body exposure to cold temperatures in a Zerobody Cryo Bed will soothe your natural systems and promote a sense of alertness after the treatment.

Cold Therapy Benefits

  • Relieves muscle and joint pain
  • Provides spinal tension release
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Reduces stress and boosts mood
  • Improves sleep cycles
  • Boosts cognitive function
  • Soothes skin conditions
Zerobody Cryo Bed and Cold Therapy in Des Moines, IA | HUSH - home-2
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Cryo Bed and Cold Therapy FAQs

How cold does the cryo bed get?
The cooling system of the Zerobody Cryo Bed keeps the water temperature between 4-6° C. That’s about 39.2-42.8° F, which is perfectly chilly for inducing the beneficial effects of cold therapy, but completely safe for skin contact through the water membrane of the bed.
Is cryo bed therapy like dry float therapy?
Similar technology and the power of dry water flotation are used in both of these therapies. The primary difference is that cryo bed therapy is based on the benefits of cold therapy, such as decreased inflammation, reduced migraines, and enhanced recovery from exercise. Our dry float therapy sessions use warm water, which may be a more comfortable alternative for many people.
How often can I get cryo therapy?

Sessions in a cryo bed are a fantastic way to relax or support athletic recovery. Clients can indulge multiple times a week—between errands, after a long day at work, or as a follow-up to their workout session. You’ll see benefits every time you visit.

If you have concerns, please reach out to your healthcare provider or the Hush team to discuss them.

Where Beauty and Wellness Meet Recovery

Where Beauty and Wellness Meet Recovery

Take a moment to embrace your well-being by dedicating time and energy to therapeutic relaxation at Hush. Whether you’re looking for post-workout support or advanced skincare solutions, our team knows how to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and find the right treatment plan for your concerns!

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